Sunday, November 16, 2014

German women give testimony of being gang raped by Soviet Soldiers


  1. How was ”damage control” organized?
    The Department of Public Health (or what it may be called) in Germany, East and West, must have had some program or policy as how to deal with all the traumatized women. Some sort of education or even as a printed manual for all the psychoterapists who would come in contact with all the gang raped women. Even though that would be a double edged sword. The very implementation of such a program would be to admit that it was not just some isolated instances of raping. But it would be worse without it. A handful of well meaning psycoterapists might by mistake ”reinforce” those bearing witness to the atrocities. And soon the truth would leak out. They must have had some program for ”damage control”. (”Are you shure it is not just a nightmare? You should be ashamed to complain. You have a stake in the collective guilt. You are lucky. At least you are not gassed and burnt.”) That would be something for future research. But it should be done soon. Find those psychoterapists and interview them.

    1. Excellent question. I'll look into this.