Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Mission of This Website

I wish I was a more articulate writer and speaker. Perhaps then I could do a better job in this task. But even if I was, I don't know if words can ever do justice to convey the enormous gravity of this history.

This subject -- of the horrific mass murder, mass rape, genocide, and subjugation of the German people -- is so massive and of such great importance, that I am concerned with being able to present the material in such a manner as to properly convey its immense significance.

Despite any of my shortcomings, I am going to attempt to do my small part in helping to expose the truth, and to build a respectable website for this purpose.

Anyone who is paying attention to what is going on in the world knows that the truth regarding important issues and historical events is light years different than the orthodox view taught by the (jewish-controlled) "established authorities" in our societies -- by the socialist overlords in academia and the establishment media, those in governments, and even in the vast majority of churches (which are heavily infiltrated by the enemy and government-controlled).

And nowhere is this more apparent than in the true history regarding World War Two.

World War Two was a tragedy beyond measure and description. So many books, documentaries, and studies have been made on this war. And rightfully so.  Yet much or most of the "mainstream" examinations into WW2 present a completely false and distorted version of what really happened -- notably regarding the alleged "Holocaust" of jews, which is a complete fabrication and fraud designed to protect the true perpetrators of the crimes of the war, and to demonize their intended victims, the German people.

Despite this intense interest and investigation into this period of history, despite the thousands upon thousands of books and documentaries and of the numerically greatest and most horrendous genocides and atrocities in world history occurred during this war, and has been so suppressed that very few even know about it.  In the latter days of the war, and after the official end of the war, the Allies unleashed a deliberate campaign of genocide and extermination against the German people -- which resulted in the mass murder of at least 15 million ethnic Germans, and the mass rape and torture of millions of ethnic Germans in a manner that is so incredibly gut-wrenching and appalling that it would make the most scary Hollywood horror movie look like a child's cartoon.  The gates of hell were literally opened up and the most unspeakably horrific and ghastly crimes committed against the German people.

How could this history be so suppressed?  How can the world not know about this?

It is because of the control of the establishment media, government, Hollywood, and other important societal institutions in the Western world by elite jewish interests, who were directly responsible for this incredible crime against the German people. 

This was a deliberate policy by the Allies -- orchestrated under the direction of jewish elites controlling the USSR, USA, and Britain -- for the genocide of the German race.  A policy of genocide of the German people was openly advocated by elite jews, such as in the book "Germany Must Perish" by Theodore Kaufman, which advocated the sterilization of all Germans.  Later it was even put into official policy in what was called the "Morgenthau Plan", proposed by jewish US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, which included plans to starve out and mass murder the German people.   Genocide of the German people as a policy was sold to the public as a measure to prevent future wars, since the German people were supposedly such a "warlike people", who were "responsible for starting both world war one and world war two".

The mass rape of the German women was carried out in order to attempt to spiritually massacre German womanhood and, if possible, so deeply wound the German collective psyche that it would lead to the total destruction of the German people.   

In spite of the obvious importance of this history, some apologists will stil say..."Why is this important?  It happened so long ago".  Well, the same jewish interests who desire to destroy and exterminate the German people are still working towards that aim to this day.  The war against the German people did not end in May of 1945.  This policy for genocide of the German people has never been abandoned and continues.  And not only for genocide of the German people, but for the genocide of all European and white peoples of the world -- via policies of mass non-white immigration into all formerly white and European nations

This history must be exposed, first of all, in the interest of justice for the victims, the German people.  And in addition, it must be exposed because it raises the largest red flag imaginable into what is one of the ongoing greatest crimes in all of world history: the jewish-orchestrated attempt to totally exterminate the white European peoples from the face of the earth. 

And why is this being done?  It is because the so-called "jews" are the literal children of Satan (John 8:44) and "children of hell" (Matthew 23:15), as the Messiah stated to the Pharisees.  They are a "synagogue of Satan", as stated in Revelation 2:9.  They are not the true descendants of the Israelites, but rather imposters who are actually descended from the Khazars and Idumeans/Edomites (Esau). 

The true descendants of the Israelites are the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, and kindred peoples of Northern European descent.   The jews, the children of Satan, harbor the most extreme murderous hatred for the true Israelite people of the world, and seek to completely destroy them.

So that, in a nutshell, is the who/what/why of why this genocide against the European peoples has been taking place.

Now, what about a solution and remedy to this great crisis? 

I say this to my brothers and sisters of Israelite/European heritage.  Above all, we must turn back to our Heavenly Father.  Without Him, we can do nothing.  If we reject Him, then He removes his hedge of protection from us, we are placed under a curse, and we will suffer great hardship and ultimately destruction.  Read Chapter 28 of the book of Deuteronomy and 2 Chronicles 7:14.  

Furthermore, as Israelites, we are commanded to preserve our racial purity and to not mix with foreigners.  So long as we live among the foreigners whom the jews have flooded our lands with, and until we expel them, we are not to intermarry or mix with them.

We must inform our brothers and sisters of the truth about the nature of our great enemies, the jews, and this history.  Then, with our Heavenly Father on our side, we will defeat the enemy.  And that day will come.  Many are very depressed and do not see the possibility of victory.  They believe that the white/European race is doomed to destruction.  This it not so, and is defeatist propaganda and conditioning from the jewish-controlled media and Hollywood.  The only way we will be defeated is if we reject our Heavenly Father, and if we give up and refuse to fight.  The day will come when our people will be victorious and break loose from the death grip of our enemies.  


  1. I thought the Jews were Israelites?
    Like Israel... Israelites... Jews... right?

  2. This is very interesting, I will follow this blog. I'm amazed how can be so right, and yet be so racist at the same time, and quote:

    "as Israelites, we are commanded to preserve our racial purity and to not mix with foreigners. So long as we live among the foreigners whom the jews have flooded our lands with, and until we expel them, we are not to intermarry or mix with them"

    You are as racist/nuts as any Nazi or modern so-called Israeli, and yet in some parts you are, about history I mean... obviously. There is a lot of good material here, unfortunately there is also much crazy/racist stuff too. And yet, an interesting blog anyways.

    I'll be glad if I could talk with the author, there is a lot of interesting things I didn't know, and I'm keen to listen.

  3. The mission of this website is to spread nipster propaganda and historical revisionism to weak minds.