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The alleged Holocaust™ of jews is a diabolical lie fabricated in order to conceal the true genocide of WW2 against ethnic Germans

The world's greatest tragedy and perhaps the most sacrosanct and important event in history?   

Or a fabricated slander and myth, and one of the world's most monumental hoaxes?

History of false claims of "genocide" of jews, including specifically using term "holocaust" and exact number of "6 million"!!

In 1921 (article pictured at left), the jews alleged in an article  published in The New York Times that "6,000,000 jews are facing extermination by massacre".   Earlier, in 1906, The New York Times ran an article claiming that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" were facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination".   And in 1919, The American Hebrew journal published an article alleging the impending mass murder of "six million" jews in Eastern Europe, specifically using the term "holocaust" to describe the alleged situation. 

Yes, the Germans had internment camps

"Holocaust deniers" do not deny the existence of camps.  These camps were for those deemed to be a threat to Germany in a war-time environment, for political or other reasons.  The camps were not "extermination camps", but rather utilized the inmates for labor to produce war materials.  The student of history should also recognize that the United States interned Americans of Japanese, German, and Italian ancestry in detention camps on U.S. soil during World War Two.  Jews were only a minority of those interned at the German-run camps, and were deemed a threat because jews worldwide had declared war on Germany in 1933.  The majority of those interned at the camps were communists of various other nationalities.

Jewish Holocaust is more war-time propaganda

In World War One, it was claimed that Germans "bayonetted babies" and "made soap out of the corpses of dead German soldiers".  In the United States, World Ware One propaganda posters depicted the Germans as gorilla-like humanoid savages or Asiatic mongols and referred to them as "brutes" and "huns".

Holocauststories of making lampshades, soap, and even shrunken heads out of jews is pure nonsense

These lies were actually concocted by the Allied "Psychological Warfare Division"

Claims of homicidal gas chambers are lies

Of all of the autopsies ever conducted on inmates who died in the German camps, not one has ever determined cause of death to be from any homicidal gassing.  Not one.  The vast majority of autopsies found that inmates who died in the camps died of disease, such as typhus.  The buildings at the camps now alleged to be "homicidal gas chambers" could not possibly have been used for such a purpose as they are not hermetically sealed.  Furthermore, testing conducted on these facilities has determined that they were not used as gas chambers because they do not contain residue from any gas on the walls.   But there were indeed gas chambers at many of the camps.  Yes.  Insecticidal delousing gas chambers used to kill lice and other pests in order to prevent typhus and other diseases!  Zyklon B was well known prior to WW2 as an insecticide used to kill bugs.   This is also why the inmates at the camps had their heads shaved.  These were measures used in order to prevent the spread of lice and potentially deadly typhus in the camps. 

Dachau is a huge smoking gun exposing the fraud of the "Holocaust™" story

Dachau is a microcosm of the larger fraud and massive red flag exposing the "Holocaust" story to be a lie.   This was a camp in southern Germany which contained over 200,000 prisoners.  Only around one third of the inmates were jewish.  Around 25,000 inmates died at the Dachau concentration camp, but not from any policy of extermination.  Rather, most of these deaths occurred as a result of a typhus outbreak near the end of the war in early 1945.  Today, even proponents of the "Holocaust" story acknowledge that Dachau was not an extermination camp.  But there's a huge problem.  Immediately after the war, inmates told stories of "homicidal gassings" taking place at Dachau.  And the U.S. Army even produced a "documentary" video alleging that inmates were murdered using a homicidal gas chamber.   But there was indeed a gas chamber at Dachau after all.  A delousing chamber used to kill lice and prevent disease. 

Typhus and disease was the main cause of the deaths at the camps, not any policy of mass murder

Pictures of the dead such as these at Dachau (right) are disturbing.  But how did these people die?  And why are the corpses emaciated?  These people died of typhus, which causes the victim to rapidly lose weight prior to death.  They were not starved to death, as other inmates who were "liberated" from the camps appear normal and well fed.  Near the end of the war, as Germany was on the edge of defeat, conditions at the camps broke down.  The Allied bombing raids had decimated the German infrastructure and supplies could not make it to the camps.  As a result, typhus and other disease broke out at the camps, killing tens of thousands -- notably at Dachau, Bergen Belsen, and Buchenwald. 

Typhus victims at Bergen-Belsen

Is that a German operating that bulldozer, disrespecting the corpses of murder victims? No.  It is a British soldier pushing the bodies of inmates who had died of typhus into a mass grave, after the British "liberated" the camp. 

Red Cross and other records show only around 250,000-300,000 people died at the German-run camps

The International Red Cross had access to the German-run camps during World War Two, and even distributed food to the internees.   Would the Germans have allowed this if some "homicidal gassing plan to exterminate all the jews on earth" was going on?  Their official three-volume, 1,600 page report in 1948 on the German camps found no evidence whatsoever of any genocide, and determined that most of the deaths at the camps were caused by the breakdown of conditions inside Germany (and Poland) in the final months of the war, which lead to food not being supplied to the camps, and starvation and disease.  An official death report issued by the IRC in 1979 (right) states that the total number of deaths at all the camps was around 271,300.

 "Holocaust survivor" stories are demonstrably preposterous and impossible

The vast majority of tales given by so-called "holocaust survivors" are so ridiculous that they are actually high comedy.  The Pope of Holocautianity himself, Elie Wiesel, actually claims that the "ground spurted geysers of jewish blood" .    Even kosher "historians", the establishment media, and jews themselves have been forced to admit that the once great and respected "Nazi hunter" Simon Wiesenthal is a total fraud.    Prominent "survivor" Irene Zisblatt, who has been featured in films by Steven Spielberg, claims to have kept diamonds from being confiscated by the Nazis at Auschwitz by repeatedly swallowing them and retrieving them from her feces.  Other well-known "survivors" claim to have been "gassed six times and survived", seen "babies used as balls for football/soccer matches", testify that the Auschwitz gas chambers were "as long as 50 football fields" and countless more absurdities.

Numbers of claimed deaths constantly decreasing, but sacred "6 million" number remains unchanged

It was claimed that 4 million died at Auschwitz until around 1990, when kosher "historians" suddenly revised their claim to one million deaths.  The jews initially claimed that 2 million died at Mauthausen, and now claim only 14,000 jews died there.   They once alleged 1.5 million were murdered at Majdanek, and now say only 79,000 died.    Despite all these reductions, the magical number of "6,000,000" alleged deaths has not been lowered. 

The number 6,000,000 has Kabalistic/occult significance

Kabbalah is a set of occult teachings associated with the religion known as "Judaism", which is not the religion of the ancient Israelites, but rather rooted in Babylonian occultism.  Judaism is actually hardcore Satanism, which the Messiah himself accused the jewish Pharisees of.   In Kabalistic gematria, the number 6,000,000 is the number of perfect souls times ten.   This special number has absolutely nothing to do with the actual number of jews who died during World War Two.  It is  a number believed to be imbued with supernatural (Satanic) power.

Why are "holocaust deniers" imprisoned for questioning the orthodoxy?  Glaring evidence that the "official" kosher story is false

The only reason for censorship to force people to accept a fallacious orthodoxy.  If the story was supported by evidence, then the holyhoaxers would have nothing to fear from people questioning and debating the topic.   The reason that it is now against the law in many Western nations to question the alleged jewish "holocaust" is because it is totally unsupported by the facts, and once people begin debating the subject it is quickly and easily proven to be completely false. 

The great lie of the jewish "holocaust" acts to conceal the TRUE "holocaust" and genocide of WW2 - The unspeakably heinous genocide of 15+ million Germans

The holyhoax is a Satanically ingenious "magic trick", which turns reality upside down, casting the jews as the great "victims", and the German people as "villains of infinite evil"....when the truth is the complete 180 degree opposite.  Under this false paradigm, the enormous crime of the genocide perpetrated against the German people by the jews is swept under the rug. 

The Holocaust™ an immensely powerful weapon for the continued attempted genocide of all Germanic peoples

In addition to concealing the true holocaust of WW2 and fortifying world jewish power by insulating the jews from opposition, the other primary objective and effect of the holohoax mythology is to act as a great psychological weapon against not only the German people, but all whites/Europeans -- which cripples the will of whites to resist their attempted extermination via the weapon of Third World non-white immigration.  Those who dare to speak out against and oppose the jewish "multicultural" and non-white immigration policies are primarily deterred, marginalized, and intimidated into silence and acquiescence by the Marxist "anti-racist" brainwashing, which primarily relies on the false history of the Holyhoax and Nazi Germany, and the idea that "racially aware" Europeans are monstrously evil and dangerous.  In this paradigm, the very idea of "white nationalism" and that the European peoples have the right to self-determination and nations for their own people is effectively made criminal.

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    The real battle is between Christ and fallen angles. We have a race of hopeless devils roaming this earth. All-in-all, a racial stew of outcasts of gobal wanderings as beggars, deadbeats panhandlers, blood-suckers and nomads. Here we have aa illicit gang fronting as a nation.. The scriptures specifically state: NO, NO, NEVER SHALL A BASTARD ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD. It is not about money with the bastards running a universal show of uprooted scoundrels. SELF_HATRED AS MONGALORDS on stage within America are bastards.


      THE MAGIC MYSTERY BOX CRIMINALS CONTROL ALL SEGMENTS OF OUR NATIONAL LIFE. THE TELEVISION INDUSTRY IS CONTROLLED BY ALIEN INVESTORS; THEIR JOB IS TO DESTROY THE MENTALITY OF YOUNG AND INNOCENT BEINGS. NO ONE SPEAKS AGAINST THIS MONSTER MACHINE THAT INDUCES CRIME IN WRECKING AMERICA. IN ESSENCE, IT IS NOW A CRIME IN ORDER FOR ONE NOT TO BE SOME SORT OF CRIMINAL WITHIN THE USA. THERE IS A WAR GOING ON AGAINST OUR YOUTH NATIONWIDE. PERVERTS CONTROL THIS COUNTRY AND ARE DEDICATED TO CORRUPT YOUTH WITH THE MOST OBNOXIOUS EXPOSURE TO FILTH AND SELF-HATRED. YOUNG BRAINS JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER. Hold on, we must go back to the latter 18th century. At that time nations a cross the western world could be alerted by professional parasites of political intrigue as to what was going on in America, while this mysterious invention was unknown. This was a form of short wave communication prior to revealed Morse Code, and when the short wave radio came onto our national communications. Only a hand full of trained anti-religious and devilish fornicators spread their hatred towards the nation of SHEM, America. The problem was the modern day descendants son of Noah, for the other nations was under their wing. Yes, indeed, the very foundations of national communication via electronics proceeded from this well concealed box in the hands of a universal priesthood to counter all universal religions, for this Satanic movement was of Lucifer's origin. America is under the spell of an illicit stock market being allied with the Treasury Dept. The nation's professional class has been dumbed down and swindled under an alien gangsterism of base robbery, in being literally swindled.The middle class has lost influence through rule as alian criminals, investors, have taken control through their collective illegal investments. Further, this holds true for our educational institutions racket in controlling student's book works. The most harrowing achievement is over our national medical industry. In other word's America's economic structure is in the grip of those modern day descendants once ruling via the Magic Mystery Box. The political infrastructure has been fractualized as preplanned. This country is under one ( Gordian's Knot ). Through alien smuggling monies and control of the national economy through corruption, our Congress is put to sleep by bribe's, whiskey, intellectual prostitution and open deception. There is no doubt about it. The war on the family was made good and is to continue through young mothers, schools and colleges. Our nation, SHEM, has become a class of cowards. Our family and their hopes in a creator has been put to rest. The enemies within national government actually work for an ancient enemies desire to finally take over America. National communications in all manner of public information are out doing a mechanism that is now buried in the dust of past history.

      The late President, Harry Truman, couldn’t shoot straight and the alley was wide open. He actually thought that there were only pin-heads on both isles of the house. Harry was completely stupefied and stumped, at becoming an unelected President. He was in ebb tide with no paddles. Out of no wheres, Harry ( the hop ) ,
      Hopkins, Roosevelt addressed his Boy as such, Harry lured Mr. Hop from retirement. Harry had been bowling with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill through WW11. Harry was saved by divine grace for
      he knew nothing about foreign affairs and his State Department. Evidently, fate stepped in and allied two men as peas in a pot, in sending our Republic down the Red-Ridden path to universal socialism.
      Strange as it was, congress, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin through balls down individualized lanes, that never fitted into the one hundred eighty degree path in picking off opposite pin heads. But these three political bowlers knew when to throw curves. Definitely, a post mortum on Franklin Roosevelt was that he hated anyone with a pair of legs. His pal, Winston, hated anyone of whom didn’t stay drunk. Now Stalin was a fox and only boozed up when all three met at Yalta in 1945.
      Getting back to Truman we discover that Harry Hopkins played all three bowlers on his own lane that ran through his handlers, in making sure that eastern Europe with the aid of Truman would be handed over to Stalin’s gang of Red Russia. But Harry, ( Truman ), began to ally with unseen but invisible insiders, that pumped Harry with the idea that there should be a United Nation’s Orgnization. Harry dropped to his knees in prayer in 1945 and thanked God that he would push for this totally Red run machine, of which spitefully attempts to drag our Republic into a universal socialist ONE WORLD government’
      Yes, indeed, congress has lost all of its pins. The State Department its brains, and momentarily, we must give blessings to pro-Red Hopkins, liberal Roosevelt, and pro-commie Churchill, parliamentarian sycophant, for betraying Western civilization…
      Indeed, multiple political, social, racial and hardships are brought upon America, as an upshot , because of many in high seats of national government, as previously noted, was in the tangled politically devised bowling allies from Woodrow Wilson unto this present era. as men in power have politically sold their souls, being entangled with a strip of eastern world property since the day that Ambassador Balfour of London’s ruling hierarchy danced to the tune of the Bank of England and its subsidiaries did the Devil’s work in causing hate between several continents of this globe. God willing, this can be worked out !

      +Bertharina Rina Do you realize or recognize the gift you have? What a powerful writer. You can cuss someone out and tell them about themselves without using one cuss word. As a matter of fact, cuss word look like children’s poetry compared to your fiery form of expression. I am trying to compliment you. You are an excellent writer. Please consider doing so; if you have not, to date.
      WOW! You have eloquently put all of us in check. Thank you. God bless you to really be heard one day soon!

  2. We have to figure out a way to expose the truth to much of the western world. Most of the rest of the world knows the holocaust is a lie it is the social Marxism of the west which is completely controlled by Jews that prevents the truth from seeing the light of day. These criminal Jews and any who support them have blood on their hands.

    1. Totally agree Patrick. Each of us who knows the truth has a DUTY (given by the Heavenly Father himself, who commands us to oppose evil) to expose and share the truth others. Each of us is RESPONSIBLE to stand up to evil. It is not a nice thing to do. We are COMMANDED to do it. If every person who knows the truth would do their rightful part in exposing the truth each and every day, then the truth would begin to spread like wildfire. those who are reading this, do your part. Start your own blog or website. Post the truth on popular message boards. Talk to your friends and family, or just random people on the street.

    2. I think most, if not all of you people are completely delusional & fucking stupid. Probably sociopaths who have nothing better to do than sit around & make up stories.. There is no god, only terrible people.

    3. Sociopaths ? Dumb Ass do you even know what it is ? "Fucking stupid ? You know what that is very well Anonymous, it's you, you FUCKING LITTLE MORON BITCH !

  3. Jews and all their white counterparts are liars all you recessives are from Caucasus Mountain all of you are the same people.

    1. Only whites are descended from Adam and Eve. The word "Adam" as translated into English in the Bible is from the Hebrew word "aw-dam'" (Strong's Hebrew word #119), which means "to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy". The non-white races were created prior to Adam (the white race).

      The so-called "jews" are descended from Cain, who was the literal biological offspring of Satan. The Messiah told the jews to their face that they were a race ("generation" of vipers (Matthew 23:33), and "of their father the devil" (John 8:44). So, yes, the "jews" are partly white. But they are also mongrelized with other races, which is why racial jews predominantly have dark features, such as swarthy skin, brown eyes, and jet black hair.

      The Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred peoples of European descent are the true biological descendants of the Israelites. This is conclusively proven from evidence in archaeology, historical accounts, linguistics, and the Scriptures.

      The late President Dwight Eisenhower sat foot on Ellis; and most likely, his accompanying entourage could have been Satan. Of course not, for Ike professed no religious intuition. If true,
      God and Satan were myths. Here was a born liberal. From out of no wheres an alien import became Chief in Command of U.S. military forces within Europe during WW11. The major drift here is that this individual became President of this United States of America. In essence, a well-planned con-job was pulled off on the national inarticulate citizenry through a well press-agented intent to manufacture open lies, under the then Presidential gangster, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin was a born scoundrel. As to his origins, a tool in the palms of the British Crown and the District of Columbia. His global political ties reversed back to the late President Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. This gang, consisting of spiritual ties, were globalists within their natural obligations to look out for a future universal syndicated machine of ruling financial engineers. Evidently, Ike was schooled in post political sycophantry; as ike’s wants were simple and unassuming, in that lust and an egotistical figure brought out his natural instinct to become one of this world’s human mad-man and monster. In this image of a scoundrel, Roosevelt had found his boy !
      In Berlin, as of 1945, Ike was military General over Western Berlin. General Patton had no use for Eisenhower. Patton watched Ike run christians, Mormons, Protestants, and Catholic from their homes in allowing commies out of prison to live better. The Red army, consisting of Asiatics and Mongolian stock, were barbarians and uncivilized. Christians in prison were starved, for Ike allowed them any food. Patton hated what he visioned. He kept a diary. After three tries Patton was murdered. We must go further to know that the late President Harry Solomon truman fired MacArthur in 1950. Too, this small unelected President also took patton’s command from him.
      Eisenhower had four prisons camps West of the Rhine. Thousands of men, women and children were caged in by bob wire and no shelter. The Rhine River was close by, but Ike denied helping souls to suffer and die. Ike had actually caused the deaths of several million souls. This was one of the lowest sons of bitches that God has ever sent to earth. All though the war, Ike had his private shack job, Faye Summersby. In the White House, Allen Dulles, Secretary of state, relayed that no lady was safe around Ike. Ike came down with dementia and spent his last days playing golf. The ruling elite was glad to know that their chief stooge was dead.

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates
      Wednesday, April 28, 2010
      By Don Nicoloff
      April 28, 2010
      Naysayers must now regroup and reinvent their ad hominem attacks. After it was revealed that former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was not born in Denison, Texas in 1890, nor anywhere else in the United States, a flurry of ‘Eisenhower’ articles appeared on the Internet as an ineffectually feeble, psychological counterbalance to the revelation that Eisenhower (aka David Dwight Eisenhower) was not a natural-born U.S. citizen. It so happens that he real name was “Johann Adolf Eisenhauer,” and his lineage was traced to Solka, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary

    The warthog reminds us of the many political hogs waiting for the proper moment to ambush the federal reserve, in looking out for the little piggies awaiting a shot at honest tax payer’s monies. Yes, politicians are one swine on other. For the most, just born liars with no conscious. Collectively, nothing but hungry hounds in raiding out houses usually constructed nearest all public podiums where gluttonous mobs enjoy some relief from entitled hoodlums, gassing for the most, in the cause of liberalism. Absolutely, professional gobble de gooks. Listening to one of these dirt bags is like listening to a herd of hogs slopping in one-massive trough. Even Christ hated religious politicians as filled with demons. He drove the evil spirits into herds of swine that jumped into a river and drowned themselves. We never see these scumbags near a river when talking.
    We need to put the warthog’s picture on a three dollar bill in demonstrating how far this country has been leveled from a pseudo Republican/Democratic system into a grab all; for the social engineering experts, who have never toiled an honest day’s work in their worthless lives. When such office seeking scoundrels speak, Satan is master at arms.
    The hard working class of people are fed up with packs of professional liberals from all walks of life, of whom love to sycophant among themselves, as a little more eaten up with Karl Marx’s works, and with his fellow travelers lounging near their alter ego political assets, in roaming the halls of Congress, looking for a hand out, in promoting revolutionary activities; through numbers of alien religious philosophies, in setting up house among questionable conditions. America is being subdued through the alien encroachment of professionally trained Communist infiltrators. Many have doctorates in theology. Tens of thousands of podiums are in the hands of these pro-LENIN / TROTSKYITES, being financed by the national tax payer. Reds in pulpits are some what a veneer to those who do not comprehend a STALINIST, in appealing to emotionally filled houses of hungry mobs. We call them drive by pulpit-hustlers.
    Absolutely, socialism is a masterful stroke for universal financiers drive to level American independence through an artificially designed democracy. With out free speech, man is nothing. However, mobs become inarticulate, when spoon- fed the new gospel of socialism at the trough of a paternalistic government. When in office political whores see nothing, know nothing, and hear nothing, then liberty has dwindled, and the death of a state is lain to rest.


    By drbhelthi, March 28 at 11:39 pm .

    Hogorina, how dare you be so comprehensive and accurate in your responses ! What are you trying to do? Placing an accurate focus on the basic values that have developed mankind to the current position of stagnated progress, by revealing a few persons who have been major de-railers along the train tracks, via their distorted value systems, and whose progeny continue their inhumane behaviors, might enlighten a few people. However sadly, too few.
    Shenonymous, there is come accuracy in your synthesis of the two basic “schools” of hypotheses regarding the topic, “schizophrenia”. Simply marvelous, how medicine has developed psychiatry into such a large industry that employs so many people. With a few accidental successes, the drugs prescribed by this group reap billions in annual profits for the pharma industry. While, the side-effects of the artificial, crude-oil extracts that are prescribed, provide a multitude of patients for their colleagues, who hold only the MD degree. Whose prescriptions of artificial preparations perpetuates the income of the pharma industry – and its employees. Then, there is the oncology industry, with its many thousands of employees around the world. My statistics indicated that the failure rate for chemotherapy hovered around 92%. However, a world-famous physician recently published the figure of 98%. He also clarified that most of the victims do not die of cancer, but rather from organ failure generated by the poisons that oncology injects into the bodies of its victims, under the guise of “chemotherapy.” Genuinely weird. Nitrogen extracts of mustard gas, and other poisons, are supposed to cure cancer, which chemicals have been used for a hundred years or longer to kill people? And the citizenry does not notice the disparity?
    Just look at the profits generated by oncology, and the hundreds of thousands of corpses sent annually to the undertaking industry, increasing its business. And, is it not wonderful, the pharma industry has isolated and extracted one element in a natural tree-bark that, it alleges might be useful in cancer treatment but which of course, “requires additional research,” and will not hit the market for several years. Meanwhile, the native population has used tea from this bark to cure cancer and a host of other illnesses for a couple thousand years. Is it not wonderful how psychiatry, allopathic medicine and the pharmacy industry provide so much employment around the world, while pursuing the habit of killing off its victim-patients under the guise of “medicine” ?
    NO. Quite the opposite !

    It is a masterful to consider that cockroaches can survive to such of an extent that they can go a month without food and only one week without water. Surely, these creatures show a higher instinct to struggle to the end, leaving mother earth as a natural corpse as deemed. Elroachos born, elroachos expire. Can courthouse parasites, blood suckers, rot away to ascend as roaches, or do they slowly decay and descend back into their luciferian hell below the bowels of all decent mankind? Cockroaches survive on food residue, while legalized rogues as liquified alcoholics.
    Collectively, lawyers, shysters, evidently, are brought on earth through humanordistically propelled bowel movements, when the bodily organ can no longer retain intellectual refuge, garbage, in propagating an equal. For some reason, this bunch of thieves, sycophants, agents of satan, parasites on the backs of all laboring people, in no measure, is above the common roach while making it from the womb to the tomb. Roaches never lie, never steal, nor hath a devil as a front in creeping through life. To the contrary, roaches accept their way of life as created; but lawyers, hounds of illegal outhouses, torso snatchers, unlike cockroaches, cannot last for a week without downing a jug of whiskey for a day. This liquid diet supply zombies without food. Legal shysters along with professional political racketeers, politicians, swindle innocent people. The roach grubs for existence. The law-giver swindles. Such hybrid muck-divers as jury manipulators cannot go one day in not robbing a lower class of society's paupers of their daily reach for bread. Further, the elevated elroacho can go one week with no water. The personalised class of hoodlums, as mentioned, are known as quart-a-day lawyers, Their brothers, most judges more than likely, kills a gallon every day. The most popular drink when funds are low, is to down Bayrum, a cheap hair dressing from the Virgin Islands. It is ninety-six alcohol proof. Cockroaches will not crawl at the feet of a muck-driven shyster, however, never bending so low as to practice what the skullduggery of any courthouse shyster in the service of Satan will commit. Roaches hide in concealed crevices while court-house parasites stand behind the National Bar Association, and as a matter of fact, any city bar will do.

  7. Truthout
    Bertharina Rina
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    Bertharina Rina • 4 hours ago

    ( Supreme Court Justice )

    It is imperative that we must reach back into time in order to concentrate on the Professional criminals within our national government, as to reveal Pro-communist elements, of which have influenced the gradual decline of a Republic’s slide into a second rate world Power of universal influence. This information is not patented, therefore, it is public domain and education. To this end, there is no intention to Commit plagiarism here. Communism is a deadly menace to a free people. The Supreme Court must be purged.

    ( Speaker ). It is my belief that the supreme court of the United States for years was completely corrupted under the leadership chief justice Earl Warren during the term of Mr Warren and others, the green light was given to communism, pornography, crime, treason and mongrelization. It Is the belief of certain mature observers that the supreme court has then a menace to the United States than any other single negative evil entity. Sense the resignation of Mr Warren, who was a slave to the really complex elite, and even accepted degrees from the University of antisocial inclinations, turning to New York liberals with massive news networks and wire- pullers in concert.---Since his resignation the court has made a slight improvement, but it is still a blurred, debauched, wounded branch of the United States of America.

    Unjustifiable and one evil thing that it has done recently has then to justify the conspiracy of compulsory busing. But far beyond that has Been Its justification of the slaughter of the unborn, referred to abortion. It is contended that there are certain members of the supreme court who should have been impeached, and there is some argument to support imprisonment for certain members. It is my believe that justice Douglas is one of the most depraved, sociologically perverted individuals In America, and he has used negative personality to help blight, destroy and wound whole Nations existence. End quote!. (synonymous)

    It is obvious that political gangsters are fronting for incipient communism. These dumb bastards are responsible for school shooting and child-snatching. Colleges are nothing but hunting grounds for pathological insane killers. No child or college students are safe. This will continue until parents can rebel against an ever enlarging police state. Decent citizens have no arms for protection. But criminals are well armed with instruments of death other than loaded pistols. It has become a major crime to denounce the pro-communist sons of bitches housed down in national government! Don’t let your child out of your sight. Pedophiles are bedded-down within most under cover organizations throughout this united states. CRIME DOES PAY!

    Where was Moses when the lights went out? Obviously, in the dark. The late doctor Sigmund Freud composed this option, as he was a contemporary disciple of the devil. Today, the war against our deceived Lord’s children enlarges through mankind's manufactured pseudo religious Industries, as this collective religious empire holds multitudes in subjection to pre-fabricated unjustified unholy lies, that revelation as taught, comes from on high. Within America, all religions are man-made or imported from abroad. To preach that America is a christian country is the mother of all lies. More than likely, Moses did see the light & took flight.
    Seemingly, 339 B.C., Socrates Sophroniscus, the philosopher, lover of truth, was counter in thought, as to the ugly depths of a living hell, of post future humanity, such as the anti Christ, discontented socio-pathological insane Freud. Socrates would have never followed, or trailed, into any dark paths, of which pro-Freudian's would have traveled within our contemporary society of 2015. We know that Moses was of a divine species, too, that he walked and was entertained by angels.
    More Than Likely, from Moses to Socrates, right into the heart of America, King Solomon’s contemplation mellows down into this vast machine of corruption, political, social & nihilistic assumption, that being ruled under the political task-master, in the jaws of a democratic/republic machine of official putrefaction, running its course, as royal decomposition arises from a dead dog.True to life, Solomon observed, “ There is nothing new on the face of this earth.” Yes, rogues have ruled since 1776, as a nation of prefects appointed by the City of London through the bank of England in the hands of the house of Rothschild's. Man-made religions the key to Satan’s power over nations.
    God’s people have been cornered geographically, on a huge chunk of land named America, beforehand of Sumeria, of ancient Mesopotamia. Abraham & Isaac resided in city of Kish.
    From here, Abraham trod towards a new world. It was a battle with Satan and his gang to bring His people into captivity. here, within America, a remnant of God’s elect survive. Moses abandoned idol worship ping in Egypt. Freud’s descendants, are of Asian/ Mongolian stock, having no hereditary bloodline whatsoever back to the Israel King of Palestine, King Melchizedek. As alien political gangsterism is threaded through our national government the God of our national political prostitution is NATO and the United Nations.
    As previously mentioned, a remnant of God’s people are scattered among man-made religions. No darkness with Moses as the master of deception, Freud, for he & his ancestry is out of the whole picture. The battle now is that a remnant of God must stay put and to become persecuted by alien infidels and their ties to universal finance. As long as we have the church/state sophisticated machine of political racketeering a remnant of Christ must avail themselves as concealed sheep.
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      We should not hate political whores.
      We should not hate pseudo liberals.
      We should not hate parasites.
      we should not hate the haters.
      We should hate ourselves.
      We should not hate slum masters.
      We should not hate loan sharks.
      We should hate illicit investors.
      We should not hate used-car dealers.
      We should not hate dog catchers.
      We should not hate gutter snipers.
      We should not hate bill collectors.
      We should hate the master-criminal industry controlling America.
      We should not hate ghetto masters.
      We should hate or marxists press network.
      We should not FEMA and SWAT as professional criminals.
      We should not hate perverts controlling education.
      We should not hate unscrupulous corrupt judges.
      We should not hate commies in national affairs.
      We should not hate for God making the rainbow coalition.
      We should not hate spies in the State Department.
      We should not hate the Edomite control of free speech.
      We should not hate Marx for formulating communism.
      We should not hate the fools in Congress.
      We should not hate the wrecking of America by Bolshevism.
      We should not hate the growing wealth of religions.

    Fear when understood, is of discordant personality subdued regression, in that self-hatred recoils, reverberates in that peripheral vision becomes a haunting illusion of twisted dialect. Tunnel vision avoids repressed thought; to be antisocial arrows of un-noticeable individual phobia, of psychotic reactions, that would normally feast upon the hidden lust for social susceptibility. Fear is inverted thought.
    Understandably, individuals and mobs must be corralled, in accordance to temperamental alertness, and physical compulsiveness. An individual is of an organic consistency and motivated to resist mother nature, when threatened by the sudden twists of elements are in opposition to normal reckonings.
    Incomprehensible, as to most citizens existing under a republican orientated democracy, is that collectivised humanoids, beings resembling humans in shape, individually, ingrained with turnstile thoughts; will never yield to government or man, to circle another’s mind. Mental circumcision through psychiatry has failed. However, music will invade an ingrate mentality. The late Greek philosopher, Socrates, 379 B.C., drank hemlock and died for not reverting to social or political indiscretion.
    Condescendingly, the phobia of fear in patronizing an illusion, of an ever expanding pseudo democracy out of individual security broadens the loss of self-identity. As the individual base of high expectation loses social expectations and protection in law, self-destruction leads to paranoid inclinations. Thus we have individual consternation----FEAR !
    Conclusively, Sigmund Freud reveals the Fear/phobia aberration descending into the, “ Personalty Suppression Syndrome.”

    Fear is normal as one lives under our present police state commie influenced political gangsterism and its alliance with Near and Far East social bearings counter to our native interest, in not interfering with alien spiritual ideologies becoming entangled with China, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Liberia, and Russia etc., and lesser nations that warrant the threat of internationalism. If we were to take out Zionism, as an equation in this factor to third world domination, then Putin, Netanyahu, Obama would pull back from Turkey & India as backups to further intensify land grabbers operative within NATO. The invasion of foreign lands compounds the apparent division of material and liquid assets of helpless countries. Both sides of Congress are in Republican control. This is a do nothing congregation of bribed infidels bought and sold to the highest bidders. Yes, a great FEAR rests its political and social tentacles right into the throats of cowards being politically petrified with a consciousness of insufficient ability to meet the head on advancement of a now socialists state being reconciled with the deceased Stalin routine of KGB guardianship of state communism operative through orthodoxian complicity, as a fraudulent representative of nationalism in countering the West's move into internationalism. This leads to individual and collective madness towards cowards in national governments failure to curtail the revolutionary Muslim infiltration into American borders. Karl Marx and Mohammedanism is a combined tool within the globalist spread of Zionism.
    Indeed! a word to the wise is sufficient. The massive phobia of national FEAR has surfaced & the national psychiatric industry has no couch that will aid in reconciling a victimised republic. Summing up the indelicate pseudo democratic criminality rule amounts to regarding a Machiavellian perception that all is corrupt in accepting Freud's contention that Our republic harbors the distinctive human trait of madness, “ THE PERSONALITY SUPPRESSION GRAVITATIONAL SYNDROME.” We make a choice---communism or capitalism. We all hang together, or walk the plank singularly !

  10. You are wrong. You have been blinded by your arrogance and deny the truth. Mankind is unfortunately very capable of such atrocities. The evidence you use to deny these atrocities is far outweighed by the evidence of the occurrence of the atrocity itself. I pity you.

    People do forget, but the ghost of history haunts every soul that strolls through the welcoming streets of this country, in harboring a disposition that life is great, while the good times roll. Beneath it all, the ongoing selective mob’s routine is constructing a royal road to hell, and little individual cognizance of the terror awaiting such fools. History does repeat itself. A death knell declares this. Ominous observation is a path back into the French Revolution of 1793. Obviously, this is planned for America. It cannot be avoided.
    Noticeably, the elements are in place of political embroilment. Too, local and alien land investors have locked into ownership investors on Wall Street. The massive touring industry is a circus across our country. The farming industry held in check by corrupt foreign idle minds, to be pleased with unimaginable desire for hungry entertainment, while streets are aliened with homeless, property- less citizens begging for food, as heavy industries have vacated to alien profits. The plan to uproot America is well lain.
    Global revolutionary cycles have always encircled civil societies, in awaiting the proper moment when mental and physical slavery yields to massive nihilism. This organized confusion is not coincidental, but has found its way into the heart and soul of our once great Republic. In reverting back to the France of 1793, our national government is sewing the same seeds of open negligence and criminal hostility over taxation and rigid police state regimentation. This is the final straw in breaking the camel’s back.
    In the revolutionary stage; consisted of the french insurrection in parliament were the Girondis menaced with liberalism– somewhat seeded in with the revolutionary component called Jacobin’s. Disagreement over assemblage obligation to be reconciled, unified, the Jacobin Club pulled into France professional revolutionaries, schooled in a spin-off, of an an Illuminati movement of a global influence of rule. Alien influence brought on the french terror. Then the Jacobin’s created the Montagards. This was a hired revolutionary gang under the Jacobin Club. This revolutionary seed line goes back to the days of ancient Esau, the ( Red ), God’s natural enemy. Incidentally, Girondis & Jacobite’s were democrats. their supposed to representative, within the assembly, opposed the stay of revolution, ( Robespierre ), was beheaded.
    Obviously, we have a domineering factor in Congress, of Girondis imposition to unseat our President. Those of Jacobin intimidation is to level our republic as a free state. We recognize this as one of many running for the Presidency is singled out for global mob instinct laden down with Esau’s contempt for christian civilization is galvanized into a vast machine of collectivized insanity, over a sub-normal behavioral mental neurosis as self-hatred.

  12. This is the most retarded shit I have ever read in my entire life. You should all give your heads a shake.

  13. Yes, If you truly deny this event you are either one of the most retarded and mislead humans on the planet or your just a racism scummy cunt.. either way you should kill yourself for the good of humanity

  14. Gute Arbeit Kamerad bitte weiter so bei euch dürft ihr offen über die "Wahrheit" sprechen/schreiben bei uns in Deutschland gibt es bis zu 5 Jahre Gefängnis wenn man den Holocaust leugnet klingt komisch ist aber so aber irgendwann kommt die Wahrheit ans Licht erste schritte sind schon gemacht worden um eventuell mal die Wahrheit zu erfahren die USA wendet sich langsam Israel ab und die Khasarische Mafia ( Rothschild Rockefeller etc... )wird bekämpft und langsam zur Strecke gebracht also es kann nur besser werden hab nochmals Tausend Dank und kämpf bitte weiter

    GEZ: Aryan Vanguard from Good old Germany AKA Deutsches Reich

    1. Thank you for commenting. I will NEVER stop fighting, for the truth and for what is right. The jews are Satanic and will never stop trying to destroy the white-European race. And they seek to do this because the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, an kindred European peoples are the REAL descendants of the Israelites. It is a Satanic agenda to destroy the TRUE "chosen people of God". But they will not prevail. The truth always wins in the end. And we have our Heavenly Father on our side. The key is that the European peoples (Israelites) must repent and return to obedience to our Heavenly Father. Our destiny as a people is determined by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  15. Und für ALLE ungläubigen gibt es

    Die Standort und Kommandanturbefehle
    des KL Auschwitz 1940 - 1945

    Vielleicht gibt es das auch ins englische übersetzt da kommt nicht ein Befehl vor wo das Wort vergasen oder töten von Juden steht im gegenteil es gibt ein Befehl der die erschießung oder die hängung vonn einen SS Offizier befiehlt weil der einen Juden schlecht behandelt hat

    Ansonsten kann ich noch den Film von James Bacque - Other Losses empfehlen den gibt es in englisch und der zeigt was mit den Deutschen nach dem Krieg im Rheinwiesenlager passiert ist das war ein Holocaust

  16. Das ist schön zu hören
    Kennst du eine Seite wo ich noch mehr Bilder und Videos vom KZ alltag finden kann zum Beispiel vom KZ Krankenhaus, Kindergarten, Theater, Postamt, Sauna, Gewächshaus, Pool, Filmraum gab es glaub ich auch in Auschwitz und von der industriestadt Auschwitz vielleicht noch von KZ Hochzeiten halt alles was alles andere als einen Holocaust zeigt und vielleicht eine Seite wo Bilder und Videos Gräueltaten gegen Deutsche zeigen das wäre sehr nett von dir und ich weiß ja nicht ob du benjamin fulford kennst aber wenn man seinen worten glauben mag besteht schon seid einiger Zeit ein Kampf zwischen der white dragon society und der khasarische Mafia und das sieht für die Khasaren nicht gut aus ich Kopier dir den englischen Text hier rein

    Hab nochmals besten Dank bye

    ( Mental crippling )
    Pathologically inclined personalities harbor compulsive behavioral patterns whenever there arises individual and collective external or internal stimuli. Behavioral manipulation is easily group or politically engineered accordingly as socially engineered subtly via the guiding of mental crippling a massive herd of Homo Sapiens into accepting pseudo Democracy as a beacon’s light as a final social option to palm off daily responsible social responsibilities belong leveled down as a national herd being spiritually embalmed and a gaslight of accepted nihilism. Psychiatry and psychology paves the way for Karl Mark’s dialectical materialism. Finally, Satan closes the curtains over individual spiritual perspectives and rolls over into what I.V. Lenin coined as the, “ Personality Suppression Complex syndrome “.

    Indeed: a resent matter of observation took place when hundreds of citizens cried and wept openly when a candidate lost to an opponent. The late Sigmund Freud used the term unbounded hysteria as the root of sexual depression and suppression. Dr. Jung would have noted the lesser observation that such foolish herd reaction was a self induced pathologically deception of idiots of whom collectively couldn’t hit a flying goose in the ass with a wet rag. This was hybotry in its broadest term.

    it was at a public well near Samaria that our Lord was asked for a drink of water. Our Lord hesitated momentarily. From a conversation we must conclude that a thirsty lady begged for drink. But, evidently,
    She was pathologically disturbed. This was because she lived among spiritually crippled population of which was socially mentally crippled as to the world of which today many Americans want to take up a free biscuit and mop up the gutters of which milk honey lined the streets. Christ rebuked this lady and stated do not throw pearls ( truths ) to swine nor dogs that turn and swallow their own vomit. He then gave drink.

    When one witnesses the divisions of political & social
    Rivalry shadowing over our wavering Republic we witness mass mind-crippling anti-social hysteria. In between is witnessed masses babbling over hogging, canines, sexual repressions. The late Fredrick Engels in alliance with Karl Marx envisioned the family structure of western civilization. WE are being socialized while the seeds of inhumanity invade our country. COMMUNISM IS FULLY SATISFIED THAT ISRAEL HAS SUCCUMBED

    TO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IN THE HANDS OF THE UNITED NATIONS ! Psycho therapy is a lounge made for fools of whom seek a free lunch.