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In total, 11 million Germans were taken as prisoners of war after World War Two! Millions of Germans were used for forced labor by the French, Soviet Union, and others over the following decades

Captured German POWs

German prisoners captured in Holland, 1944

American Officers Interrogate Wehrmacht Prisoners, 1944

German Prisoners of War Taken by the Allies After World War Two

Great Britain3,835,000
Soviet Union3,060,000
France   937,000
Jugoslavia   194,000
Polend     70,000
Belgium     64,000
Czechoslovakia     25,000
Netherlands       7,000
Luxemburg       5,000
         Total                                                 11,094,000*

Source: "German forced labor and their compensation" by Prof. Emil Schlee

Note: Article is in German language.  Use Bing translator or other software for tanslation into English.


According to the above source, in addition to these 11 million German soldiers taken as prisoners of war, approximately 1.7 million million German civilians were taken as prisoners by the Allied Powers.  At least one million of these German POWs were killed in just the first few weeks and months after the war was over by the Americans under Eisenhower in some three dozen death camps located in Rhine River valley.  Some four million German POWs were taken by the Soviet Union and marched to Russia for forced labor, many to Siberian gulags.  Almost all four million of these German prisoners were killed or worked to death.  The last surviving 10,000 German POWs were not released from the Soviet Union until 1955.    Hundreds of thousands of other German prisoners were mass murdered and used for slave labor by the Croats, Yugoslavs, French, and others.

As discussed in the article, it is interesting that Germany is condemned for using slave labor in its concentration camps during the war, yet the Allied Powers are arch hypocrites in that they used Germans for slave labor after the war and on a much greater scale than the Germans ever did during the war.  In the article, the Professor attempts to calculate the billions of dollars of unpaid labor that was stolen from the German people by this forced slave labor.  Of course, this pales in comparison to the cost of the lives of the millions of Germans mass murdered.

External Resources:

1. "German forced labor and their compensation" by Prof. Emil Schlee
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