Sunday, July 12, 2015

The paintings of German artist Herbert Smagon depict the war and the genocidal crimes committed against the German people

Hunter's Luck, Bavaria, 1945

Dresden, 1945 1989

Occupation of the city Roessel, East Prussia, 1945

The Murder of Ms Hurtinger's Niece, Prague, 1945

"Living torches. Prague. Wenceslas Square"

Other paintings by Smagon:

"Moderne Familie" (Modern Family)

"KREUZIGUNG - immer wieder" (Crucifixion Every Day)

External Sources:

1. History Through The Eyes Of Passionate German Painter Herbert Smagon
2. The Controversial Art of Herbert Smagon
3. Biography of Herbert Smagon (German language)


  1. I'm aware of Dresden and the deportations/rape of German women and young girls in the east and Berlin are actual documented events. What I want to know is are the paintings "The Murder of Ms Hurtinger's Niece, Prague, 1945" and "Living torches. Prague. Wenceslas Square" actual historical events or are they dramatizations?

    The "Living torches" honestly horrifies me and I seriously hope this didn't happen...

    1. if u know german that's where u ill find the most info, but he witnessed all these events by himself

  2. Can you honestly believe a German artist would make up such a thing? My mind could not even begin to conceive of such an atrocity until I saw this painting. However, there is not only this, but far worse. Read "Hellstorm" by Thomas Goodrich.

    You might also want to see the film "Katyn" and do a bit of research on tortures used by the Jewish commissars of Soviet Russia. But be warned these descriptions are sickly psychopathic.

  3. Mein Herz hat gesehen und gespürt - Vor meinem inneren Auge ist ein Bild mit Tausenden Menschen zwischen Gräber ihrer Ahnen , die diese Bilder auf Stoff gedruckt als Fahne schwenken bis sich die Feinde in ihrer Schuld vor unseren äußeren Augen auflösen.

  4. Beautiful artwork, but let's be honest...
    For what you (and your Jap companions) fuckers did, you deserved to be annihilated to the last man. You earned every bit of the Russian brutality that was inflicted upon you, and deserved much more.

    1. Kill yourself you stupid fuck.

      How can you justify the murder of children and women like that? Burning them alive? How would you like your family to be butchered in ways. Die you subhuman cunt.

  5. Everyone wants to point fjngers at germans doing wrong. But let's point fingers at the Allies Russians Americans British and others who committed atrocities against German innocent civilians. And let's point out all the Jewish so-called prisoners who committed atrocities alongside with the German Nazis to save their own skin. But sadly they only want to make history one way make the Germans look like the total bad person when in fact there was more going wrong by other people

  6. My heart aches for the German people.I watched ""Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" on YouTube (downloaded a VPN (it unblocks content on sites ) because here in Germany it is blocked and we are not allowed to see it. The government and authorities want to keep the truth hidden regarding WW1+2 and about the true events that occurred during those times.My eyes have been opened❗❗I can not thank you enough for this great site enabling us to see the terrible wrong that has been, and is being perpetrated against the German people. Now genocide is being engineered against them and all Europeans with the 3rd world and Muslim invasion.👎👎👎👹👹👹👹

    1. Site administrator/creator here. Thanks for your message. I am an American, and of English ancestry. As you probably know, the English people are cousins/kindred with the German people - eg, the Angles and Saxons who immigrated to England from the area of modern-day Germany. Upon learning the information a few years ago, I was also filled with great sadness for what was done to the German people during and after World War Two. I created this website because I believed that the truth about this issue was being greatly suppressed, and needed to be exposed. The good news is that I believe the tide is starting to turn, and that there is the beginnings of a great awakening among the European peoples to the truth about World War Two, and related subjects (including that the "official" story on the supposed "holocaust" of jews is a total hoax and fraud). The truth always wins in the end. We shall prevail. But in order for that to occur, each of us who knows the truth must share it with others. Together we will defeat our enemies. If we fight, if we resist, and if we speak the truth....we will win. The only way we lose is if we give up.